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Self-Control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power.

— James Allen

Being calm is a position of strength.  It is a quality of leadership.  When the heat is on and the pressure mounting, who would you rather want in control of the situation…the person who is stressful and anxious or the one who is calm?  Clutch athletes are referred to as being calm under pressure for a reason.  Calmness allows them to come through at the critical point of the game.

Similarly, handling objections is the critical point of any negotiation.  If you are selling a product or service, you already should be familiar with most of the typical objections you encounter, e.g. price, terms, delivery, etc.  You need to be well-prepared to address these objections in advance so that when you hear them, you can stay calm.  Even if you encounter an objection not heard before, being in a state of calm will allow you to access the creative portion of your mind to “think on your feet” and find a way to address that objection using the strengths of your position.  Practice rehearsing what you will say to the most common objections you get.  Listen to how you sound. If you don’t sound calm or can’t easily express yourself practicing in advance, you won’t sound better at crunch time when you are in front of your customer or client.  So practice until you know it cold.

Lastly, objections are your opportunity to demonstrate leadership.  Clients and customers often need to be led to a solution that makes sense.  If you perceive yourself as a leader in this regard, whenever an objection is encountered, it is your opportunity to demonstrate your leadership and expertise.  An excellent leader will calmly explain why his/her position meets and outweighs the objection.  Moreover, the other party’s objection may be a result of their feeling anxious or fearful about what you are proposing.  Remaining calm will help settle that anxiety and fear.  Clients and customers feel your vibe.  If you are anxious when handling objections, that will only compound their fears and, in their mind, confirm the basis for their objection.

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