Lawrence D. Eichen, Esq. - Sales Speaker & Consultant

Lawrence D. Eichen, Esq. is an attorney, professional speaker, and coach.  He has over 25 years of negotiation experience handling litigation matters involving civil and criminal law.  Mr. Eichen is also a highly skilled mediator adept at conflict resolution.  He has resolved well over 1,000 cases through effective negotiations.

Mr. Eichen’s result-oriented approach to success led him to develop a winning formula E=MC5, which is a proven method to obtain excellent negotiation results, regardless of one’s area of practice or occupation.  Mr. Eichen’s in-depth knowledge about negotiating stems from his experiences inside and outside of the courtroom, including his own journey of self-discovery.

Despite substantial outward success, internally, Lawrence often found himself experiencing Imposter Syndrome (a phenomenon whereby one fears being exposed as an “Imposter” for not being as competent or qualified as others think).  By addressing chronic doubt and rethinking internal messaging, he developed the ability to defeat imposter syndrome and stopped playing it small.  As a result, he became a more confident attorney, an improved business owner, and a more peaceful person.

In addition to practicing law, he provides inspirational speech presentations to businesses, associations, and organizations and delivers engaging CLE courses for attorneys, law firms, and legal departments.  As a certified Rethinking Impostor Syndrome™ Coach, he provides mentoring and coaching to professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Eichen is a licensed Attorney in New Jersey and a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association, New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, National Speakers Association, Association of Continuing Legal Education, and Association & Society Speakers Community.  He is certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and a member of the Association of EFT Professionals.  A lifelong all-around competitive athlete, in his spare time “Ike” (as his sports buddies call him) can be found playing golf, tennis, or ice hockey.

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