“Live” in-person or virtual webinars
The courses listed below are available for purchase to watch on demand.  In addition,  these courses can be provided “live” in person or as a virtual webinar for your firm or legal department.  For rates, please call (973) 539-2831 or email LDE@FirstClassCLE.com.  Thank you.

New Jersey Negotiations & Sales Speaker - Lawrence D. Eichen, Esq.

Mastering the Art of Negotiation
Harnessing the Power of E=MC5
1.2 CLE Credits (NJ)

Discover the winning formula that will dramatically increase your ability to negotiate.  Chock full of insights and practical tips.

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Defeating Imposter Syndrome
For Attorneys, Law Firms, and Legal Departments
1.2 CLE Credits (NJ)

Various techniques to conquer doubt, gain confidence, and improve well-being.  Includes imposter syndrome issues due to work environment.

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ChatGPT Unveiled
Revolutionizing the Practice of Law in the AI Era
1.3 CLE Credits (NJ)

Introduction to ChatGPT for Attorneys.  Includes overview of AI and how to use ChatGPT to demonstrate your expertise and grow your practice.

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The Case Against Tipper X
Interview with Former FBI Informant Convicted of Insider Trading
1.8 Ethics CLE Credits (NJ)

An eye-opening interview with a former Wall St. hedge fund analyst reveals psychological traps that lead to unethical behavior.

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Courage - NJ Leadership Speaker

Strategies for Negotiation B.R.A.V.E.R.Y.
Proven Techniques and Tips to Negotiate Courageously
1.0 CLE Credit (NJ)

A practical blueprint for negotiating courageously based on the key concepts of Belief, Reasonableness, Accountability, Validation, Efficiency, Relationships, and Yielding.

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Birdies, Bogeys & Burdens of Proof
What Every Attorney and Golfer Should Know Before Teeing Off
1.2 CLE Credits (NJ)

An entertaining presentation of the leading NJ personal injury cases arising from individuals being struck by errant golf shots.  Includes interesting and fun golf trivia along the way.

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Tapping into Negotiation Excellence
Harnessing the Power of E=MC5 + EFT for Attorneys
2.4 CLE Credits (NJ)

A winning formula for negotiating, together with principles of the mind-body connection provides methods to exponentially increase negotiation performance.

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